Court Pendu Gris

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NAME: Court Pendu Gris

SYNONYMS: (Azerolle du Blayais, Azerolly, Azeroly, Bardin, Bardiner, Black Tom, Burdiner, Capendu, Carpendy, Courpendu de la Quintinye, Courpendue, Court Pendu, Court Pendu Bardin, Court Pendu Gris, Court Pendu Petit Gris, Court-Pendu, Court-Pendu Bardin, Court-Pendu de la Quintinye, Court-Pendu Gris, Courtpendu, Courtpendu Gris, Curtipendula Minora, de Bardin, Fennouillet Rouge, Fenouillet Gris, Fenouillet Raye, Fenouillet Rouge, Fenouillet Rouge Musque, Gestreifter Fenchel, Gestriefter Fenchel Apfel, Gros Fenouillet, Petit Courpendu, Petit Court Pendu, Petit Courtpendu Gris, Pomme de Bardin, Reinette Courpendu, Reinette Court Pendu, Reinette de Court-Pendu, Reinette de Gosling, Reinette de Goslinga, Reinette Grise de Champagne, Rote Fenchelapfel, Roter Fenchel, Roter Fenchel Apfel, Roter Kurzstiel, Roter Kurzstiel (des Quintinye), Rotgestreifter Fenchel, Rotgestreifter Fenchel Apfel, Trenouillet Rouge)

PROFILE: Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Intense Flavor, Very Aromatic

ORIGIN: France, 1300s

NOTE: Most apples have a unique flattish oval shape.

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