Court Pendu de Franc

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NAME: Court Pendu de Franc

SYNONYMS: (Court Pendu de Franc, Court Pendu Franc, Court Pendu France)

PROFILE: Sweet, Sharp, Dessert

ORIGIN: France, at Least 1700s

NOTE: Most apples have a unique flattish oval shape.

***SCIONWOOD NOTES *** For Spring 2022 you get extra genetic material with this order.

This cultivar is producing genetic material called “Points” because they are at least 3/16″ (4.78mm) in diameter and are 3-4″ long. Note: Typically thinner scion/rootstock combinations form stronger graft unions sooner compared to trees grafted with thick scions.

For 3/16″ Rootstocks: Graft one cutting to the rootstock using the “Whip and Tongue Grafting Method”.

For 1/4″ and larger Rootstocks: Graft two cuttings to the rootstock using the “Cleft-Grafting Method”.

When grafting “Points” do not cut-off the terminal bud. Generally this bud is the most prepared and vigorous to grow your main leader.

Dip entire scion past the “taped and sealed graft union” in undiluted plain water-based interior or exterior white latex paint and allow to drip dry. The paint forms a thick UV and heat reflective shell that seals-in scionwood moisture that gives longer lead time for the graft union to fully heal. When the buds swell, the protective shell cracks open and the leaves easily emerge. Avoid using black pruning tar sealer or dark paint. Dark colors absorb UV rays causing heat that dries out the scionwood before some graft unions are healed.

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